Technical Services

Giving you peace of mind and the ability to focus on your business…

Technical Support

We offer a thorough service plan of technical support services to allow you to focus solely on business matters and not waste time with IT issues. We focus on providing affordable IT services through pre-paid packages, lower rates, and proactive approaches. We utilize remote support tools when applicable to cut back on cost and put that savings right back into your pocket. We also offer in-house back up solutions as well as online, so we can fix it quicker and easier, saving time and money.

From server room configuration and wiring to desktop deployment, we have the experience and determination to develop or transform any infrastructure into a reliable, safe, cutting-edge environment.

Network Infrastructure


Computer Repair & Replacement
Hardware Upgrades
Wireless Internet Setup/Troubleshooting
Multiple Monitor Setup/Troubleshooting
Network Printer Setup/Troubleshooting
Scanner Setup/Troubleshooting
Mobile Device Setup/Troubleshooting
Server Implementation
Wiring, Racks, Cooling, Infrastructure Setup and Mods

Virus Removal
Virus Protection
Software Upgrades, Operating Systems, Office, ACT, Quickbooks, etc.
Active Directory Support
Email filtering
Server virtualization
Microsoft Lync